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God Answers When You Least Expect It


I have not done a written entry in so long it is scary. I have been working hard on getting this website in order and I have been hard at .getting my house in order meaning that the two rooms are done and the stuff has to be organized out of the living room so I can use it again. But getting my house in order reminds me of a verse from the bible about getting your house in order before you can help others. Tonight my house was a mess.

I was bad tonight and I let my strong hold get the better of me. After all my dad has taught me this year I still struggle. I know that I have to put my faith in the Lord and his finished work on the cross and don’t get me wrong I do but I still struggle and I still fail. This sin/bad thing/strong hold has been haunting me since I was 12 and being 37 you would think that I know by now that I should not do it or let it get the best of me. But it still does after the Pastoral Wisdom and Fatherly Wisdom why can I not just let it go. But something funny happened tonight after I went to be for the night.. let me tell you

As always I sleep with the tv on and decided to put on the movie Fireproof and low and behold they mention the verse James 1:19 so I take a look in my Jimmy Swaggart Expositor’s Bible and the top of the verse is the line Christian Living which was the section from James 1:19 to James 1:27 and it went like this… (Read More)

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The 2016 Oshawa Santa Claus Parade [MJSiebolt Lifecast 889]

2016 Santa’s Parade of Lights Saturday November 19th, 6 pm * parade participants marshall on King St W between Stevenson Rd and Gibbons St * New Route parade starts at Gibbons St proceeding eastbound along King St E to Simcoe St, turns left (north) on Simcoe St, turns left (west) onto Bond St and heads westbound on Bond St to Gibbons St * disbursement area is on Bond St between Gibbons St and Stevenson Rd * bring Santa letters to the parade, Canada Post letter carriers collect letters and make a special delivery to Santa Claus at the North Pole 
November 19, 2016    MJSiebolt Lifecast #889

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Jeff Bedford, Life, Matt Persohn-Costa

Adventures of Jeff and Matt #5 [MJSiebolt Lifecast 888]

What a wonderful day it is so nice to see friends. Join Jeff and Matt as we embark on a journey to Tim Hortons and chat with special guest Matt Pershon-Costa.

November 13, 2016 MJSiebolt Lifecast #888

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Dolly in Ontario

Decorating and Packing [MJSiebolt Lifecast 887]

Its almost Halloween and Oma, Lilly and Ivy decorate the lobby of Oma’s apartment floor. Then it is off to start packing for the trip home.

October 30, 2016 – November 1, 2016 MJSiebolt Lifecast #887

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Halloween, The Dykstra's

Halloween 2016 [October 31 2016]

It Halloween!! Join Lilly, Ivy and The Rest of The Dykstra Clan As We Go Trick-O-Treating for Halloween 2016

The Dykstra Family Adventures

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