Small Things With Great Love (Part 1) [Life Church Oshawa Podcast]

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Thank you Christa for kicking off our series entitled “Small Things with Great Love”. This simple concept is sometimes not so simple to live out. Christa started off with a great quote from Mother Teresa who said; “Not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with great love”. This is so true. The bible is full of great examples of this very principal. Christa talked about kingdom principals like; the first being last (Matt.20:16) and becoming a servant (Matt.20:26-28), the “poor” becoming rich in faith and inheritance. I also caught one really cool quote between my hacking and coughing from Bob Goff who says; “If we don’t see hurting, isolated people when we fix our eyes on Jesus we’re not looking hard enough.” The final challenge was this – Do something small for one person – one stranger – this week, and do it with great love.

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